Ellie Watson

Architecture, BSc (Hons)

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About me

Over my three years at UCLan I have developed an interest in communal living and sustainable design. I would love to work for a practice to which these factors play an important part in the design process. I am also interested in the development process of active model making through material prototyping, modelling, collage, and photography as this is something I would like to gain further experiences from.

Temple of Antithesis- This project re-considers the landscape of the former North Shore Boating Pool in Blackpool, as the location for a Temple of Antithesis. A place of non-religious ceremony, sanctuary and memory that the community of Blackpool can utilise as a place of solitude. Made in Blackpool- To consider and analyse Blackpool as not only a place to visit but as a place to live and work. In order to understand the key characteristics that make up Blackpool and how to utilise this analysis to create ideas for a new building of creativity and productivity.

Keywords: blackpool, architecture, temple, sanctuary, design, screenprinting, totebags, community, architecturaldesign