James Horrocks

Architecture, BSc (Hons)


About me

Over my three years here at UCLan I have been able to engage with a multitude of design practices, honing in and developing skills such as model making and technical drawing. I have developed an interest in communal living and sustainable design. I aspire to work for a practice that has a key focus on these matters.

1 - Temple of Antitheses - This first architectural design project builds upon the work that we completed in the extreme interiors project. Utilising methodologies and skills developed during that project I was able to conduct site analysis and develop a series of sacred, spiritual and sensory experiential intentions at a variety of scales that can be developed into a new piece of architecture. 2 - Made In Blackpool - This project develops the knowledge of Blackpool gained from the previous project to design a community maker space within a beloved park at the heart of Blackpool.

Keywords: Architecture, Blackpool, Boats, Sailing, Stanley park, Temple, Solitude, Sanctuary, Design, Community