Michael Lasslett

Architecture, BSc (Hons)

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About me

Living in the UAE for 15 years I was always surrounded by the evergrowing and changing city scape which I always had a fascination with. Whilst growing up I always had fun drawing things hence why I took art GCSE and as I grew up, I had an interest in designing and making something, which is why I went and took product design for GCSE and A level. During that time I had experience with working with many materials and Ive made a music stand and a table using recycled materials / reusing objects. It is because of my past experiences that I have a passion to create unique designs whislt trying to adress some form of sustainability.

Project 1 Temple of Antithesis In my response to the brief, I designed a temple that addressed the local fishing culture and provided spaces to fish for people of different skill levels and also allowed people to learn to fish whilst also providing an interesting atmosphere. Project 2 - Made in Blackpool In response to the brief, I designed a space that provided a space for street artist to create graffiti/murals whilst also allowing them to produce small prints which can be sold to tourist who also have the option to watch these murals being created.

Keywords: Blackpool, Art, fake facades, Graffiti