Morgan Yates

Architecture, BSc (Hons)

About me

I’ve always been drawn towards architecture from a young age and have taken the necessary steps to reach the goal of becoming an architect. I developed a sense of design during my college years through studying art and design, and during my time studying Architecture in Uni, I am able to develop a greater sense of intuition through more effective resources which has been invaluable thus far.

I hope to continue my studies indefinitely, my affinity towards architecture has never waned throughout the years, and I hope I can one day experience one of my designs in person.

Project 1. Temple of Antithesis This project brief revolves around the idea of creating a temple where people can pray and/or worship. We explored ideas of temple design and sacred spaces. We focused on ideas relating to gathering, solitude, and community whilst responding to the immediate context and the wider context of Blackpool physically and metaphysically. Project 2. Made in Blackpool This brief relates to the idea of how a souvenir can encompass the identity of Blackpool. We designed a building on a site of our own choosing where a souvenir can be produced and distributed to the community.

Keywords: Architecture, Temple, Blackpool, Design