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Akshita Aurora

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About me

I’m a MA Fashion Designer who loves to explore various types of functionalities in garments along with preaching sustainability, which can be seen in quantities in my MA work.

I use a mix of conceptual and futuristic fashion as well as what is trending or going to be an upcoming trend in the fashion world.

I use my personal experiences, as well as my own unique style in my work which helps my projects come together with flare.

TASE – Transformable Androgynous Sustainable Ensembles

This project explores outwear fashion and how it is a staple in the fashion industry as well as how I have interpreted what fashion would be like with the aspect of dead stock, patchwork, and upcycling.

After brainstorming on what materials/fabrics I could use for the project, I looked into utilising umbrellas as the base of my collection along with dead stock fabrics. By utilising broken/discarded umbrellas into my project, I will be giving a new life and meaning to the umbrellas.

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Keywords: sustainability, outerwear fashion, jacket, patchwork, futuristic, Androgynous, sustainable, convertible, reversible, conversible, interchangeability, zero waste, discarded umbrellas, deadstock

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