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About me

I am an enthusiastic and driven designer who takes pride in their work. My confident communication skills allow me to put forward ideas, both when leading and being part of a team, whilst also understanding and having a considered approach, allowing others to put their ideas across. I thrive on demanding environments and love being “thrown in at the deep end”, as this is where I feel you learn the most, when fully immersing yourself in something. My eagerness to learn and better myself as well as others, whilst also being a perfectionist allows me to accomplish whatever I set out to achieve. Being thoroughly organised allows me to fully immerse myself in situations and experiences aiding my design process.

I started university 4 years ago, with no design experience. In that time I have graduated, completed 1 years industry placement and now launching my own streetwear brand, Agnostics.

My final collection “Psychedelic Renaissance” takes a deep dive into the research being done globally on the use of psychedelics to treat people with mental health problems. This is represented throughout the collection with innovative fabric choices, hand-finished details and artwork from one of my family members. This is encapsulated within a current, contemporary streetwear collection.

“Found” was a project that I entered into the Graduate Fashion Foundation X Love not Landfill (charity) X Crisis competition. Upcycling fabric from a charity shop I created a genderless contemporary streetwear outfit, which was sold in Crisis’ Brick Lane store in London


  • Enterprise Award

This is my concept board for my theme of

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Here are my final 7 outfits of my final collection. They visually describe my theme of

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With me launching my own brand i found it important to work out the costings for my garments as well as the selling price to show my understanding of the market level and production costs.

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The studio shoot was themed around 90's and 2000's school portrait photography, in order to create a vintage and nostalgic feel to the images. This fits well with the collection adding another layer to it.

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With my collection being both stylish and practical I decided to also do a location shoot to again show the versatility and practicality of the garments in how they are styled and perceived

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I won the Crisis x Graduate Fashion Foundation x LoveNotLandfill where my clothes were sold within the first day of being on display in Crisis' London store on Brick Lane.

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Keywords: Fashion, Fashion Design, Design, Menswear, Psychedelics, Graduate Fashion Foundation, Psychedelic Renaissance

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