Alice Joynes

Textile Design, BA (Hons)

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About me

I am a textiles artist that uses 2D traditional print methods that I combine with 3D sculptural techniques to create multi media works of art.

These pieces often have links with different narratives, which allows me to explore and expose the thoughts and beliefs of a variety of people and cultures.

For this project, I decided to look at images which provoked different emotions, settling on ones that gave me a sense of hope. We have all hoped for something, be it love, wealth, or happiness. Childhood was the time in our lives when we were all hopeful for the future. To reflect this childlike sense of hope, I chose to use imagery from folklores, myths, and legends. They are stories where we learnt the meaning of hope; to hope for a happy ending, hope that the princess is saved, hope that the children turn back to humans from swans.

Keywords: print, lino, screen printing, textiles, embrodiery, needle felting, macrame, fabric, stitching, design, photoshop, drawing