Alice Lonsdale

Textile Design, BA (Hons)


About me

Working with a mixture of techniques, I create mixed media pieces, with a textiles base, exploring the manipulation of fabrics and how ink and threads can alter the visualisation of materials. Often focusing on a specific concept or theme, my work explores the unspoken side of human identity. I want to portray, in a textural manner the emotions and feelings that feed into our identities as human beings. The exploration of the darker, and more unsettling emotions within us.
With a keen interest in old photographs and variety of techniques, such as fabric manipulation, hand and machine embroidery and linear mono printing, I use these mixed with the assistance of heavy research to create my pieces. The use of both fine art and textiles techniques are used to create conceptual pieces that often hold a hidden meaning. Often I explore themes such as identity, loss, memory, addiction and sexism.

Exploring the concepts of memory, loss, and identity I have explored the lost identities of the victims taken by serial killers within the 1970s and 1980s. In these decades the lack of technological advancement meant it was easier for such brutal crimes to be committed without being properly traced. Often, we hear a lot about the killers themselves, their lives, what happened to them, but no one ever gives the victims a voice. I wanted to give these people a voice, a way to be remembered for what could’ve been for them if they hadn’t been murdered.

Keywords: Textiles, Textiles Fine art, Fine art, Mixed Media Art, Mixed Media Artist