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Architecture (Foundation Entry)

About me

I’m an architecture student studying at the university of Lancashire. I picked up many skills this past year whilst studying architecture.

Throughout the year I enhanced my technical drawing skills, getting better each time at drawing floor plans, elevations and cross sections. I learnt how to model make efficiently, being resourceful with materials and overtime I progressed with it, becoming faster at making models whilst using a range of materials.

Adding on to my existing creative traits I picked up on how to further expand my imagination by turning simple objects put together, into sophisticated designs.

Working on multiple projects this year, all of them have allowed me to improve on my skills. One of the projects objective was to create a nursery within a given site. I had to create several different models to portray the design of the building as well as how much area it will cover. Here my model making skills were tested and eventually throughout the project I was able to improve the skill.

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