Ami Leigh Marks

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

About me

Before studying fine art, I completed a Foundation Diploma in art and design. In September I am starting a course at Manchester Metropolitan University to train as a secondary school teacher.

I have spent the past few years at UCLan creating artwork in various styles, materials, and techniques. This has led me to appreciate more my most favourite ways to paint and shown me areas where I need to develop my practice further. I am looking forward to starting my teacher training and I still intend to make lots of art in my spare time. I don’t want to lose my touch!

My work focuses on architectural style drawings. I study architecture through drawing it. I am interested in different styles of domestic architecture, from different places around the world. Different countries, different cities, different methods of construction, wooden buildings, primitive buildings, brutalist concrete architecture, Victorian and Colonial architecture, and international social housing projects. I draw these isolated, on sheets of A3 paper with just enough context to place them.


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Keywords: Architecture