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Amber Majid

Illustration, BA (Hons)

About me

I am a creative individual who has always had a desire for the arts. My work involves the use of lines to add an element to the work making it look exciting as well as defining the subjects I illustrate. The work I produce constantly involves a sense of tidiness and specifically arranged pieces of work using a limited colour palette for a look of professionalism and sophistication.

Throughout my years in university, I have developed a passion for packaging design and have worked hard to incorporate this interest into my latest projects. I also moved from working with traditional mediums in my first year to practising and developing my digital skills, which helped me significantly as I am not limited to the colours or brushes that I use. I plan to continue with my passion and develop my voice learning new skills along the way.

Throughout my years at university, I have been exploring mediums and what really fascinates me within this field. My final project consists of a product and a matching packaging design. I have loved working with different colours, texture and working with the composition of my subjects to create a game that is engaging, educational and fun for my target audience. In the end, using a limited colour palette and producing simple, yet effective illustrations was found very appropriate for my intended audience to learn about the arts and appreciate it.

Keywords: Expressive, Creative, Professional, Organised

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