Alexander Gee

Art & Design (Foundation Entry)


About me

I am Alexander Michael Gee. I’m a son, grandson, brother, and nephew. I’ve been a friend, lover, boyfriend, fiance, husband, carer, and widower. A bored and bullied schoolboy, apprentice, craftsman, worker, boss, and dole-ite.

I’ve explored high mountains, sunless seas, and rivers and chasms deep beneath the ground. I’ve read far too many? books, and am still curious and bemused about humanity and the world and universe we exist in.

I’ve experienced the joys and miseries of what it is to be human and feel exhilarated just to be alive. I’m wholly focused on my art and living.

The years accomplishment has been a shared one. That of my fellow students to endure to complete our courses, and of our tutors in helping us through them; In what have been the most difficult and unusual circumstances.

Thank you all and good luck!

"To love someone forever, is a beautiful thing", is the title of this piece. It encapsulates the meaning of the work and the intent of its maker. An accumulation of events and the life experiences of the artist.

Keywords: sculpture, Art, stone & steel, timeless?, finite or infinite?, loss, grief, cosmos, humanity, banality, many, one, significance, insignificance, individual, mass, eon, universe, tragedy, statistics, numbers, hurt, artist, love, beautiful, for ever, someone