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Animation, BA (Hons)

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My name is Ayrton Trelfa, a Concept Artist, Illustrator, Animator and 3D Artist

I love working with interesting and new/unique ideas and I’m willing to take the hard road to get the best results possible.

I originally began my studies in programming, working towards a career in the games industry as a developer, but after some reflection I discovered that the creative space was where I belonged, leading me to chase a career in animation and illustration.

Forbidden Brides of the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire is a short story created by Neil Gaiman. Part of his anthology “Fragile Things”, the story tells of a young Victorian man, known only as The Master, who is struggling to write his magnum opus as strange events unfurl around him. For my project I decided to adapt this short story into a graphic novel, with an animated trailer, in the style of Hammer Horror, to promote it.

Forbidden Brides Graphic Novel Cover

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Forbidden Brides Trailer

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House Concept art

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Young Master

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Toombes Panel

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Page 2 Preview

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Keywords: Gothic, Horror, Literature, Cartoon, Comic, Graphic Novel, Forbidden Brides, Neil Gaiman, Ayrton, Trelfa, Butler, Master, Amelia, Earnshawe, Brother, Crow, Hammer horror, Victorian, Van Helsing

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