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Amber Thompson

Illustration, BA (Hons)


About me

Hello my name is Amber. Through my work I experiment a lot with texture through Lino print and with colour. Throughout my 3 years at UCLAN I have come a long way in my work and developed my skills in many different ways when it comes to design and the way I question my work and ideas. Throughout my course I have developed skills that I will take into my work practice when creating murals, clothing and different artwork.
In my future I hope to work in the field of advertising or merchandising as I really enjoy giving brands a new face.

Throughout my years at Uclan I have developed my skills through experimentation in many different projects Ive had over the course. In my first brief of year three I experimented with lino and collage which gave me a view on my way of working finding my own style, and honing in on these ways of working I have created many pieces of work that have shown my style through murals, clothing and many different pieces of work.

Keywords: eyecatching, bright, experimaental, collage, creative, neon, mural

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