Abigail Rooney

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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About me

My practice as an artist has developed over time and has become more focused on the idea of memories and familiar nostalgia. I explore the medium of painting, stretching my own understanding of visual representations, such as the traditional subject of portraiture. My work always has a personal touch to it, whether that be from my own imagery, or because it is representative of someone close to me. In any such case, my work has allowed for the love of painting as well as the ever-present interest in writings behind artworks and related theories.

My practice has not only allowed for my increase in confidence as a visual artist and painter outside of the fine art course, but it has also opened up opportunities for national exhibitions, successfully exhibiting my paintings ‘Day Dreamer’, ‘Crates’ and ‘Watcher’ as part of the New Light Exhibition.

'Through the Lens' delves into the various ideas and representations of photographic reproductive paintings. Using unique photographic glass slides from 1957 as primary references, I have used this project to be able to explore the term 'isolated realities' as suggested by Isabelle Graw (2018). With this series of paintings, a window-like idea has been explored, allowing the audience to peer into the frozen or 'Isolated' reality existent within the confines of the canvas. As opposed to the traditional portrait, I have chosen to paint the original slide, painting the artefact rather than what it depicts.

'Beaming', Oil on Canvas, 2020, 96x85cm

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'Promenade', Oil on Canvas, 2021, 146x130cm

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'Boatside', Oil on Canvas, 2021, 137x122cm

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Keywords: Painting, Portrait, portraiture, photography, nostalgia, memories, memory, people, family, fine art, visual artist, visual arts, painter, curation, curator