Bradley Yorke

Film Production, BA (Hons)

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About me

My name is Brad, I have recently finished my film production course after three years of honing my craft. I will be leaving university with a variety of film credits, including a documentary that went on a very successful festival run and a feature film shot in seven days. I am also leaving with vast knowledge on film making including the pre-production phases, shooting the film, and post-production.

However, more importantly, I have set up my own media company which has already landed me some very interesting jobs. Alongside filming with Manchester United’s class of 92, I have also directed and produced an advert which will air on BT Sport featuring world superbike champions Leon and Ron Haslam.

Outside of filmmaking, I love to challenge myself physically by attending the gym to weightlift and go on regular runs. I am an outgoing person who loves to make people smile.

Since January, whilst struggling with the pandemic, I managed to write, direct, produce a short film and an advert. Regarding the short film, I felt like challenging myself to create something physically and technically demanding. This sparked the creation of Confined. The challenges with lighting, camera, and all in all making something inherently uninteresting, interesting, made me dive deep into filmmaking. The TV advert on the other hand challenged me to produce a piece of work that the client would love. I set out to make an animated, real-life one-minute madness movie and I believe it paid off.

Confined (Short Film)

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Completely Motorbikes Movie (TV Advert)

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Keywords: Creative, Challenge, Rewatchability, Likeable, Exciting, Limitless