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Graphic Design, BA (Hons)

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Hi! My name is Chloe, a creative thinker from sunny Blackpool. I enjoy any design that is thought provoking, has a big idea behind it, and makes your brain fill in any gaps. Design that does good and creates impact are what inspires me! When I’m not designing, I spend my time baking, finding a good beer garden, or blasting out 80s music. Currently looking for junior design roles and internships, and eager to start my first creative role in the industry.

A campaign for Caterpillar: based on the statistic that women only make up 9% of construction workers, it aims to encourage the hiring of more women in construction and emphasise that ‘9% doesn’t work.’ Branding for Odd Jam Out – a jam and relish start up business that specialise in using odd, wonky, and rejected fruits and vegetables typically discarded by supermarkets. Paul Rand collection – a print collection that celebrates the life and works of graphic designer Paul Rand.
Keywords: Design for good, Graphic Design, Branding, Print
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