Chloe McNee

Master of Fine Art


About me

As an artist I often find myself interested in nature and discovering the world around me, in past projects I have focused a lot on nature and have continued to do so in my work during my current project.

In my project I have been developing my digital drawing skills and focusing on the area around where I live and also Lancashire as a whole. By exploring new places I have developed a better understanding of the natural and manmade world around me. Initially I focused my project on the small area of Preston where I live but this then developed into exploring further a field due to lockdown restrictions being lifted. Digital drawing is something I have found myself very interested in due to the ease of picking up a tablet rather than using physical materials.


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Garden Herron

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Canal Bridge

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Lytham Beach Sunset

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Moor Park Waterfall

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Keywords: Landscape, Landscape nature