Caitlin Munnis

Photography, BA (Hons)

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About me

My name is Cáitlin, I am a photographer from Northern Ireland but I am based in Preston, Lancashire. I focus on portraits within the studio mainly focusing on headshot photography. In my work, I always aim to show peoples true beauty, personality and emotions.

Nature is beauty is focused on representing the natural beauty within flowers. My practice as a headshot photographer inspired the direction of this project. I used multiple artificial flowers to dress my models and background. Although the flowers are not real, I show that they can still produce realistic artistry as the beauty of nature is not defined by its authenticity. I use typography to communicate the meaning of my project to enrich image interpretation. Bright coloured flowers are also used to enhance their presence. I was inspired by beauty magazines and how they represent their own concept of beauty.

Keywords: Headshots, studio, portraits, flowers, beauty, colour, photographer, portraiture