Ciaran Norris

Fine Art, BA (Hons)


About me

During my time at UCLan I have managed to switch courses, be chairman of the university rugby team, complete a fine art degree and so much more. My time at this university has been so valuable and impactful to me and hopefully me to it. It was a rough ride with a lot of twists and turns but I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t changed me as a person for the better!

My project is about how quick the government and media can be to scapegoat students for many things. This time it was for the spread of COVID-19, with young adults and students being described as the main reason for the increases in cases. This claim has since been taken back, however we cannot allow our government to point fingers and avoid blame. They must be responsible for the negative decisions they make that negatively impact our entire nation. This series of photoshop made images incorporate a series of students who were at one point ‘blamed’ for the spread of COVID-19.

Keywords: coronavirus, covid-19, digital, portrait, censorship, art, digital art, digital drawing, student, the student virus, ciaran norris