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Danielle Dey

Master of Children’s Book Illustration

About me

My name is Danielle Dey, I’m an illustrator specialising in Children’s books. Coming from an undergraduate degree in illustration, the MA in Children’s book illustration has been an amazing course in progressing my practice. It has allowed me to form a recognisable, signature style and I have found ways of working that I feel confident with, that define my area of work.
During my time at UCLAN, I have really established my practice and way of working by having feedback from industry professional, such as Art Directors from the publishing house Hachette, and working to competition briefs that has allowed me to consider the place of my work in the publishing industry.
I also had the opportunity to have my work published with UCLAN publishing, which gave me great insight to how illustrators work with publishers.
I feel confident in who I am as an illustrator, and for the future.

My most recent project, Bear’s Treasure, is a full colour 32 page children’s picture book. It has the purpose of encouraging younger children to collect, while incorporating characters in the narrative. There are a lot of collecting books out there, but there’s a gap in the market in terms of these books also having characters. The book has both fiction and non-fiction elements, which was a very exciting concept to explore. I also created illustrations focusing on the collections themselves without a narrative, and went out to produce screen prints inspired by vintage matchbox labels, stamps and other collectible items.

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