Daniel Jones-Monaghan

Games Design, BA (Hons)

About me

I have Autism. Some people may think that Autism is a hindrance to games design, and while I am aware of its challenges, I can also see the positives.

Being Autistic allows me to think way outside the box, a place that is not seen in quite the same way as a non-Autistic person would see things. It has helped me to create games that have their own style and quality, where one of my main design elements is often simplicity, I believe that less is more! My games have the potential of appeal to a wider audience range than most.

My main passion is history particularly wars and facts, alternate realities and Sci-fi are interesting and by comparing both an interesting alternate time line can often be thought up and used as idea concepts to create my own games .

My main project was making three board games, I made three different games to be played in three different ways. One is a two-person strategy game that could be played by players of any ability. One is a pure luck based game, that wins or loses on the whim of the die. The third is a single-player versus a team of up to four players who have to use teamwork if they wish to beat the single player.

Honored Dead: Team based game versus a single player.Strategy and teamwork are required to win

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9595: This is a luck based game that puts you at the mercy of the throw of the die .Some parts may give the illusion of skill

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Napoleonic War Game: Pure Strategy game but can be played by players of different abilities.Based on fact and utilizing historical knowledge.

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Keywords: boardgame, napoleoniic wars, strategy, historical, luck based, dice luck based game, Si Fi, Team game, single player game