Dean Marshall

Master of Fashion and Lifestyle Promotion

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About me

Hi! After completing my BA degree in 2020, I decided to pursue an MA to bring my love for design and passion for hospitality together.

The question I wanted to ask was:

‘Is it possible to recreate the restaurant experience at home?’

To answer this question, I spent time researching, developing and creating a complete concept restaurant brand.

Thank you for taking a look.

Tear & Share: A concept restaurant with three elements. Firstly, it will be a neighbourhood restaurant; this is the central element, a simple, straightforward, local restaurant with great food and drinks in a comfortable environment. Secondly, the restaurant will offer delivery in-house through its own app and website; there will be no third-party brands. Everything will be completed and delivered in-house to give the customer the complete brand experience each time. Thirdly, the restaurant will also offer ‘DIY’ home cooking boxes for the customer to cook restaurant-quality dishes from the comfort of their kitchen. Thank you.

Keywords: Restaurant, Food, Drinks, At Home, Home, Delivery, Graphic Design, Website, App, Menu, Logo, Branding