Elizabeth Breen

Fine Art, BA (Hons)


About me

I am a mixed media artist, focussing on drawing, photography and textiles. My work often concerns the conflict of my own mental health and body dysmorphia and is used as a form of self-therapy. Through creating, I hope to open up difficult conversations around mental health.

I have a Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in Art & Design and a Foundation Diploma in Fine Art.

The artworks exhibited in this project concern the incessant conflict of my own imperfect mental health throughout the current pandemic, beside the evanescent moments of serenity I can muster from migrating outdoors on occasion, in addition to struggling with expression and the exertion of feeling unheard. The personal context of my art practice has, for the most part, always been a form of self-therapy to help me cope with my history of poor self-image, and low confidence. Encompassing both self-portraits and modified photography; my self-portraits capture my ever-growing vacant expression next to the opposing photographs seizing my moments of tranquillity.

Keywords: Fine art, Drawing, Photography, Textile, Edited Photos, Purple, Artist, Depression, Axiety, Mental Health, Embellished, Serenity, Female, Stitch, Hand stitched, Blue Thread, Installation, Self-portraits, Struggles