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Elizabeth Hodgson-Alderson

Illustration, BA (Hons)


About me

I am an illustrator currently based in Preston. Since studying at UCLan, I have been able to explore and expand on all of my creative ideas, helping me to build a better understanding of where I would like to go with it in the future. I have always really enjoyed drawing by hand, mostly with fine liners, which I like to smudge and use water to create other messy marks and details. But now with having access to a digital way of working I have been able to develop a better understanding of photoshop creating a more defined look that’s more stylized. I have been able to discover my own way of working and style that I am happy with.

Since studying at UCLan, my focus has been on hand drawn images that I have developed into short comics and zines that are full of character. my degree show focuses on real life exaggerated conversations that i have with my three cats. My work has been described as ‘hallucinatory’ ‘mind bending’ and ‘wrong in all the right ways’. The final outcomes include three full-coloured zines, a set of t-shirt designs, cardboard cut out stands and a series of prints. This project was largely influenced by conspiracy theories, day to day problems and my cats.

Keywords: mind-bending, COMIC, STRANGE, characterdesigning, zine, storytelling

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