Emily Knowles

Dance Performance & Teaching, BA (Hons)

About me

My name is Emily Knowles, and I am interested in performing dance around the world and discovering new cultures and styles of dance on my journeys. Throughout my educational experiences, I have been a part of multiple placements within primary and secondary schools along with performing alongside peers in both dance shows and musical theatre shows. Since I am interested in travelling, I have become intrigued into the cruise ship career path as entertainment staff. However, I do still have an interest within the aquatics world as I am currently completing a swim teaching course which does open a new career path that could coincide with my interest in travelling.

My final independent project focused on the development of my facilitation using cross-curricular dance taught to participants aged 5-7 including of creative movement and academic subjects relating to the curriculum. I explored how a balanced cross-curricular practice can influence participant’s learning and reflect on this myself to develop my own facilitation skills of cross-curricular. As a third-year dance student I’ve been a member of UCLan Dance Company, and involved in the devising of a new dance performance under the guidance and artistic direction of professional choreographer Elisa Macauley. The work can be viewed by clicking on the feature image.

Keywords: Dance, Performance, Teaching