Elliot Bennett

Fine Art, BA (Hons)


About me

I am a visual artist who primarily focuses on the exploration of abstract expressionism. I do this via the process of intuitive painting, mark making and use of bricolage. My work is fed by situational experiences, circumstances and the subconscious. I like to play around and use elements of the world around me when creating work. I never have a set plan when it comes to creating art which can be a frustrating battle during the process but once I feel as though piece is finished, it leaves a great sense of satisfaction within myself.

Originally for the show I planned on displaying 5 – 7 paintings, however this all changed when it came to deciding on the sequence of the paintings and how they should be displayed. After several hours of trying to figure out how to display all the work, eventually managed to curate the work into a sequence which works well together after removing the majority of the pieces I was wanting to exhibit. the chosen sequence creates an unintentional story relevant to myself and my journey as an artist over these past few years.

Keywords: fine art, abstract, art, expressionism, paintings