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About me

Hi my name is Emily and I’m from the city of Chester.

While studying Architecture at UCLan for the past 3 years, I have been able to achieve numerous milestones and personal targets which have helped me to develop as a person. I have educated myself on different softwares like AutoCAD, SketchUP and Photoshop which have broadened my knowledge throughout the course and enabled me to showcase my progress throughout the years. Furthermore I have also developed my model making skills to a high standard.

Overall I have become better with my time management and organisation skills which have helped me meet deadlines. I would consider myself a fast learner as I am able to retain information quickly with regards to the theme of Architecture. I would love to work closely with communities to provide better spaces and structures that will have a positive and rewarding impact.

House of Aristocats

This project explores the appropriate Architecture for ‘Healthy Ageing’ and how individuals have different abilities and limitations. As a cohort we were required to design a community centre to accommodate diverse community groups that will come together for various activities that stimulate physical and mental wellbeing.

‘House of Aristocats’ is a community centre that predominately focuses around the needs for senior citizens but it also supports the involvement of various groups from minority backgrounds and those with disability challenges. Furthermore, it also engages the existing stray cat citizens that have taken settlement on my chosen site.

Chosen site

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Site plan 1: 1000

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Ground floor plan

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Perspective view from the East of the site

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Entrance to House of Aristocats

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In context section

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In context section - exploration of facilities

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Detail section of the rammed earth walls

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Strategies of the community centre

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Keywords: Architecture, Design, Undergraduate

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