Euan Witcombe

Photography, BA (Hons)


About me

I’m a visual artist and photographer working within the North West of England. Specialising in artificial intelligence and computer generative approaches to my passions of fashion and documentary.

Morph is an exploration of human form and control through the mediums of artificial intelligence, that refracts the definition of photography. Throughout Morph a tension exists, between the human element and the computer. This tension is caused by the struggle for control between these two factors. I control the computers interpretation of human form, however, relinquish expression of this form, only to reassert control over the final selection of images. I exacerbated this tension by disrupting the image making process, through the inclusion of deliberately obtuse images within my datasets, confusing the computers interpretation of the human form.

Keywords: Photography, Artifical Inteligence, Fashion, Portraiture, Avant-garde