Fern Oxley

Master of Fine Art

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About me

Hailing from the Lake District, my work and studies have allowed me to live in various places around the country however, I moved back to the Lakes six years ago to have my son where connecting with nature has become a key factor in maintaining wellbeing.

Originally training as a sound engineer, the MA Fine Art at UCLan has allowed me to reconnect with more analogue materials, such as clay, whilst still working with sound as a key medium in my work.

Previous work has included a variety of forms including partaking in artist residencies and exhibitions, project management, workshop leading and arts administration as well as remixing and music production projects.
Post MA it is hoped that further opportunities within art and music can be solidified, working as an independent artist as well as producing work that is valuable within the community including clay, textiles, print and sound art.

This work explores life, death, family and ritual. I worked alongside my son allowing him to guide his own creative practice. His clay work is presented alongside my creations that have roots in Buddhist practice and repurposing memory. 108 balls are representative of Mani pills created by Buddhist monks. These pills were used in my mother's after-death ritual to hasten the consciousnesses departure to the bardo. 108 rose petals reference scattering my father's ashes alongside rose petals. 108 is an auspicious number in Buddhist practice. This work includes an audio installation of mine and my son's creative process.


  • BSc (Hons) Studio Recording and Performance Technology
  • National Diploma in Music Technology
  • National Diploma in Fine Art

Keywords: Fine Art, Masters of Fine Art, Ceramics, Sound Art