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About me

Hello! I am Forum Panchal, an England-based graphic designer with an advertising and marketing background and 4+ years of experience in the game. I enthusiastically bring ideas to life by creating compelling & aesthetically pleasing stories through design.

My self-motivation & eagerness to learn helps me quickly adjust to my surroundings and thrive in teams, keeping me creative and proactive.

The MA Graphic Design program helped me refine my skills and ignite my passion for design through research.

The journey from learning the software and applying design skills to real brands and clients to mastering the design field has been a fun ride, and it just keeps getting more and more exciting.

Mandala : The Hidden Magic
Raising awareness about the healing and spiritual potential of the Mandala.
The project aims to enlighten the beneficial side of the Mandala, to show that it’s not just a mere design but much more than that.
A hidden and revealed concept is used as it relates to the concept of the mandala, which is a design pattern at first, but when one learns more about it, one realizes there are plenty of positive aspects to it.

Keywords: Graphic Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Mandala, Mandala Book, Book Design, Oriantal Mandala Fan, Oriantal Fan, Book Marks, Pop-up, Pop-up Book

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