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Felix Roche

Fashion Design, BA (Hons)

About me

Saree Not Sorry is my collection title where I marry two cultures together. The traditional saree, from my own Sri Lankan cultural heritage, with the masculinity of traditional western male suiting. I have used knots within the design detailing to symbolise the joining of two cultures in a gender-neutral collection.

In this collection I am tying aspects of the traditional Saree with Western Up-cycled suits for male-presenting bodies. I feel that male-presenting people are under-catered for, especially when embracing femininity. I will be using knots to symbolize the marriage between both of my cultures. In Traditional Hindu weddings , the newlyweds have their garments tied together—typically the bride’s veil and the groom’s sash. As well as combining the fluidity of the draping and pleating of the Saree to a suit. I hope, demasculate the common perception attached to it and instead allow the garment to exist as a gender-neutral piece.

Keywords: Fashion Design, Saree, Suit, Gender Neutral

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