Finley Tyler

Games Design, BA (Hons)

About me

Hi! I’m Finley Tyler and I am a game designer who specialises in 2D level and character designs. I was inspired to be a game designer because of various Nintendo such as Pokémon and Kirby which have their own quirks and a wide range of varying characters and personalities. I hope to design characters and levels that are fun, endearing and memorable for players.
Video games have been a massive part of my life which has fuelled my creativity and aspirations and designing is a great way to show off my ideas and designs. Throughout the years and during my time at university, I have come to realise what I love to do most within designing and I hope I am able to show the full level of my passion and drive for game design.

For my honours project, I have made a 2D platformer which primarily focuses on the characters within the world and how they fit into it. It has a mechanic where the player is able to shrink when finding something, leading to discovering new places. I have done two projects for my game’s proposal. The first one focuses on various puzzles and mechanics that could be used within the game. The second project focuses on the characters within an open world and how they interact with each other and how the world changes based on the interactions.

Keywords: Character, 2D, Games, Design