Goran George Kellett

Dance Performance & Teaching, BA (Hons)

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About me

I am a curious dance artist working in a range of styles including contemporary and hip-hop with a passion for teaching.
Continuously striving to express myself through dance and trying to push my boundaries.

During my undergraduate degree, I choreographed and performed site-specific and dance performances and engaged in masterclasses with visiting artists
I delivered dance workshops to peers, at the placements at schools and community settings and explored methodologies and theories within dance education as well as within the choreographic process.

I am happy to learn new skills whether that’s learning new approaches in dance or engaging in my other passions: rugby and tennis.

I believe everyone can dance and should have a chance to engage in dance my desire is to become a community dance practitioner hence looking for a career path that will enable me to engage in both teaching and performing.

My final year independent project researched how the structure of the dance lesson influences the relationship between the students and a facilitator.My belief that everybody can dance and that it is possible to teach dance to everyone was the guiding idea behind my independent project. I wanted to explore how much influence a positive relationship between participants and facilitator has on motivation and engagement during a dance class. I performed in Invisible Edges - a dance performance made by dance artist Elisa Macauley in collaboration with UCLan Dance Company 2021.

Invisible Edges _ performance

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Reaching out photo by Toby Gregory

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An edge a photo by Toby Gregory

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Striding a photo by Toby Gregory

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Flying - a photo y Toby Gregory

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Keywords: uclandance, dance teaching, Danceperformance, Choreography, Media Factory -UCLAN, InvisibleEdges, Contemporary Dance, Everyone can dance, Dance Teaching and Performance, Dance