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Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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About me

During my education at UCLan I have achieved many things. I was elected School of Arts and Media President in the 2022 SU Elections, as well as gaining a seat on Student Council. Over the past year I have worked together with Course Reps, The Students Union and Faculty Staff to make positive change for students in my school and around Campus. I also volunteered with the SEN Department of a local school, providing workshops for students with mental health needs.

It is the experiences listed above that I believe made me aware of societal issues further than my own doorstep and made me in to the practitioner that I am today.

During the developmental stages of my series Monuments of Society, I began my research by capturing aspects of Manchester City centre that I visited frequently, as well as areas of my own home life on 35mm film. The Cost of Living Crisis was in full swing and this became more evident when I looked back at my photographs. Urban areas left to fall apart whilst building works for luxury high-rise towers encroach above. The cost of food and heating homes triggering anxieties, I felt compelled to depict these scenes in my work, but being destroyed as an act of reclamation.

Monuments Of Society, Painting #1

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Monuments Of Society, Painting #2

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Monuments Of Society, Painting #3

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Monuments of Society

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Keywords: acrylic, cost of living, society, social issues, painting, canvas, landscapes

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