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Hamzah Yaseen

Master of Architecture (Part II), MArch

About me

I’ve been interested in Architecture from an early age, it stemmed from a love for art and drawing where I would design concept facades and floor plans.

I studied Construction and the Built Environment in college where I learnt the basics of building construction. From there I went on to study Architecture where I learnt that buildings aren’t just 4 walls and a roof.

For me, the architecture that interests me comes from my own culture and religion, Islam. This type of architecture is easily identifiable by its unique and beautiful calligraphy and arabesques, which are rhythmic, linear patterns and geometric motifs. Prefabrication is another topic that I am very interested in, it’s the reason why I chose it to be the topic for both my Design and Written Thesis. The modular and efficiency aspect is why it is interesting to me.

Design Thesis – Zufluchtsort für die Verlorenen (Shelter for the Lost)

My Thesis will attempt to offer a solution to a rising problem in Berlin, homelessness, by designing a shelter. The shelter enables the homeless to have fresh starts by giving them skill-building workshops to allow them to reintegrate into society. The use of prefabricated units will allow for time and cost-efficient structures to be built. This allows for a quick and effective solution to a rapidly growing problem.

Key words : family, welcome, help, safe, enable, learn, friends, calm, ownership, trust.

Pod form and spatial arrangements

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Living Pod plan

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Workshop Unit plan

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Vertical Sections w/Details

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Exploded axonometric of Living Pod

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Flat-packed prefab furniture

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Interior view of Living Pod

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Looking out to The Spree with a friend

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Keywords: Berlin, Prefabrication, Shelter, Modular

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