Hamzah Yaseen

Architecture, BSc (Hons)


About me

I always wanted to become an architect, not because of the cliché of playing with Lego as a child, but I had a fascination with buildings. It intrigued me how they were designed and built and what went through the architects head when they were designing it.

In high school I took art and even went to an architecture firm for a week of work experience and helped out on some projects. I then went to college to further pursue my passion of architecture and studied construction and the built environment, mainly to understand what it takes to make a building from start to end.

In my many years of education I have learnt a great deal on knowledge and skills which have helped me to produce some unique work.

In the future I aim to complete my Masters degree and open up my own architecture firm.

Project 1 - Temple of Antithesis In my response to the brief, I designed a space that allowed people to worship and pray, not necessarily to a God but a higher being. I wanted to portray different experiences from a feeling of solitude to sharing experiences with the people you love. Project 2 - Made in Blackpool In response to the brief, I designed a place to allow tourists as well as the people of Blackpool to create custom souvenirs in which they can place a memory inside and take it wherever they go.

Keywords: Uniform, Grid, Symmetry, Geometry, Art