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My name is Josh Hoole and I specialise in 2D animation and illustration, with the recent addition of pixel-art and animation. I particularly enjoy drawing up concepts for action scenes, both in terms of character and scenic design.
My love for art began when I was a child. I would draw countless different characters with my brother. This eventually led my hobby to evolve into the career that I intend to follow. My experience with animation has only come along in recent years. Animation was always an interest of mine, it was something I gravitated towards as a child and in turn has now inspired me to help create the same feeling for the next generation.

“CONTINUE?” is a story of mental illness. It tells a story of our protagonist, “Jay”, who finds himself lost in a game that seems too familiar to him, with the help of his friend he must venture on a journey of healing and ultimately face his own demons.

Keywords: Animation, character design, character animation, pixel art, pixel animation, 2D animation

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