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Joseph Frankitt-Kennedy

Photography, BA (Hons)

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About me

Joseph Frankitt-Kennedy is a Photography graduate from the University of Central Lancashire, his photographic practice focuses on the world of fashion and editorial where he investigates the more unusual side to his subjects within the studio. He works confidently creative directing, styling, planning, sketching and producing hair and makeup looks in order to share his ideas and bring his visions to life with his team.

In his latest project, Inhuman, Joseph has explored the use of AI in a more unconventional way, as a tool and a result to project the possibilities that AI may display in creating innovative ideas and original work within fashion photography.

My project explores human transformation and AI technology. By feeding my previous project into multiple AI systems, it began to generate interesting shapes within the subjects silhouette, sparking my curiosity to challenge conventional ideas of the human form and silhouette. Drawing inspiration from innovator Nick Knight and designers Schiaparelli, Gareth Pugh, and Mugler, I manipulated each models’ silhouettes physically using unconventional materials and further within post production. The captured images, influenced by the AI, were later transformed into over 50 AI variations which I later developed into these merging videos, ultimately showcasing movement and shifts, emphasising the inhuman aspect.


  • Featured in the Royal Photographic Society News release article published August 2022. Title - Visual Art North Student
  • Focus: Joseph Frankitt-Kennedy.
  • Featured in Blackpool Gazzette published 26th Apr 2022. Title - UCLAN photography students got the chance to develop vital industry skills at impressive Blackpool exhibition.

Grace - Follow the YouTube link to see the AI video

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Elise - Follow the Youtube link to see the AI video.

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Nicole - Follow the Youtube link to see the AI video.

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Keywords: Photography, Photography Editorial, Fashion, Artifical Intelligence, Image making, creative director, Silhouette, Innovation

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