Jennifer Shields

Master of Architecture (Part II), MArch


About me

I have enjoyed completing my MArch degree especially improving my knowledge and developing my confidence in producing technical detailing and discussing my ideas. My skills in a variety of software and my general architectural knowledge has increased.

Further accomplishments:
Attending the RIBA Northern Soul Charrette

Involvement in peer review

18 months experience as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant

Work experience of projects at RIBA stages 0 – 5

Experience liaising with subcontractors, clients and other members of project design teams, attending meetings and discussing queries via email and phone

Frequent site visit experience

Construction Site Visitor CSCS Card attained

1 year CPD Co-ordinator experience

Over 5 years’ experience volunteering with PLACED, a social enterprise progressing community involvement as well as young people’s access to and awareness of built environment careers

Erasmus semester abroad study placement during B.A(Hons) degree

Keen photographer which has developed my eye for detail

Full driving license

Located in Rotterdam’s Museumpark, an art and architecture hub, Gelieder guides users through the park controlling the relationship between user and context. Formed using a single line, the ‘wall’ running through the site unifies keynote architecture(Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Depot, Natuurhistorisch Museum, Kunsthal), whilst integrating visitor centre facilities and pavilions which focus on architectural qualities; scale, geometry, height, light, rhythm and boundary. Using an identified north south axis through the site, Gelieder takes ownership, establishing a sequence of experiences that challenge how the user perceives Museumpark, its keynotes and architecture generally. Gelieder makes architecture accessible to all.

Site plan & geometries study showing the relationship between Gelieder and identified keynote buildings

View image

3D exploration of masterplan and images showing how views have been curated to make experiences

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Visitor Centre plans

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Plan and 3D experiential images of pavilion A Scale and pavilion B Geometry

View image

Plan and 3D experiential images of pavilion C Height and pavilion D Light

View image

Plan and 3D experiential images of pavilion E Rhythm and pavilion F Boundary

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North and South section / elevation, also further 3D external and interior exploration

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East section / elevation

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West section / elevation

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Technical Sections

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Keywords: Architecture, MArch, Rotterdam, Museumpark, Gelieder