Jade Gillett-Davis

Photography, BA (Hons)

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About me

I am a third year photography student, and my chosen industries are event and studio. Since starting university I began setting up my own freelance business and aim to continue this once I have graduated. I have already started building up a portfolio of work and gained lots of contacts in my chosen industries.

My most important accomplishments include gaining the confidence to promote myself as a freelancer, and securing experience and potential job opportunities in studios. Over the past few years I have refined my artistic approach and niche in my photography, and I now have a solid plan and the ambition to achieve my goals.

My photographic series titled ‘Locked up in Lockdown’ follows me through my evolution into self-portraiture photography and highlights my time spent throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. This work embodies the day-to-day struggles that were brought on by restrictions and the emotional harm they caused. With limited experience being in front of the camera, the series began as an exploration through my journey into self-expression via self-portraiture. From there it evolved, and I started exploring mental health through my own personal experiences of the multiple lockdowns, in the hopes that others could relate to my narrative.


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Keywords: self-portraiture, pandemic, mental health, abstract, lockdown, experimental, documentary, studio