Jasmine Hunter

Photography, BA (Hons)

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About me

Photography gives me passion and a way of expressing myself through developing creative means. I’ve always loved the different stories a photograph can tell to every person and so try to leave many stories behind in one photograph.

I mainly work in the digital era exploring photography, fashion and illustration in my work, but also I also love working in the analogue era, the precious qualities of film photography captivate my interests. I have keen interests in many mediums and use my photographic work to explore these interests further. My most recent work, ‘A Touch of Doodle’ has explored merging three artistic mediums to create pieces of work involved in each community. Photography is important to me and my life as I love to focus and capture interesting, precious things or moments so they may be displayed and viewed as its own art, being imprinted on the world.

'A Touch of Doodle' and is focused around fashion and identity. I have combined three different mediums to create pieces of artwork for my project. These mediums have been photography, illustration and fashion. Working with these mediums has allowed me to understand them separately and has allowed a lot of diversity in my project. During this project, I found that I had been inserting pieces of my own personality into the work, sharing things that I am passionate about hidden inside the images. Including my identity into the work helped me develop my project, adding to my unique photographic style.

Keywords: photography, illustration, fashion, portraiture, digital, portrait, mixed media, design, nikon, edited, photo, images, fashion photography, identity, personality, creativity