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Hi, My name is Junaid Hussain, a Level Design Specialist. What I enjoy most about Level Design is the creativity I am able to express in my work, to convey a specific message, idea, concept or emotion to the player.

This year my skills improved exponentially, my use of metrics allow my levels to be made precisely. Environmental story telling lets me create depth to my levels and increase immersion for the player. The ability to pace levels correctly, is something I’ve worked on a lot, being able to correctly structure a level so that it feels and fun interesting, yet not too intense, not too boring or slow, is a skill in its own right, especially as the level needs to fit in within a game, made up of levels by other designers.

This year I worked on a range of projects:

* Percival, a third person action adventure, equipped with Puzzles, Parkour and traversal segments/ mechanics and combat

* Lego Naruto Level, The Block-out consists of key beats and areas, following a formula typical to other Lego games, such as exploration, combat, puzzles and boss battles, it differentiates from other Lego IPs using its unique mechanics which are used in the different beats.

* Time Splitters Rewind, is a reimagined version of the original Time Splitters Franchise as a modern game, I created a level for the game called ‘London Horror Show’.

Percival: Prisoner Tower

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Percival: Courtyard Overview

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Percival: Broken Tower

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Lego Naruto: Level Overview

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Lego Naruto: Bridge Puzzle

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Lego Naruto: Boss Arena

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Time Splitters Rewind: Main Hall

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Time Splitters Rewind: Cellar

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Time Splitters Rewind: Bell Tower

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