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Games Design, BA (Hons)

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My name is Jacob Jordan and I am a 3D level designer who specialises in third person and first person level design. I was inspired to go into game design because of the many games I was playing while growing up, such as Halo and Pokémon, as well as titles I’ve played more recently, such as Dishonored and Resident Evil. The impact I hope to have on the industry is to inspire younger generations to join the industry to try and create games just as inspiring as those I was inspired by.

Asset Packs Used: Construction Volumes 1 and 2- Dekogon Studios Free Furniture Pack- Next Level 3D FX Variety Pack- Kakky Hack and Slash FX- Pelengami Industry Props Pack 6- SilverTm ModSci Engineer- Jonathon Frederick ModSci EngiProps- Jonathon Frederick ModSci Interiors- Jonathan Frederick NecrosUtility Material Pack- Necrophob30 Paragon Minions- Epic Games Plants Pack- Erhan Yilmaz PN_TropicalGroundPlants- Project Nature Polar- Julio JuarezSciFiWeapDark- Ying Pei Games SciFiWeapLight- Ying Pei Games SpaceshipInterior- Denys Rutkovskyi TPS_Multiplayer_Pack- Hero’s Journey TrailPack- UNF Games VehicleVarietyPack- Switchboard Studios WaterMaterials- Tharlev FXWaterPlane- Epic Games

Much of the first level of Bunker Escape takes place in corridors like this one

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An early encounter takes place in a laboratory in the middle of being ransacked by mercenaries

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As a test of how the player can use the blink mechanic, the lift shaft serves as a challenge different to the combat encounters

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The training facility serves as an alternative to challenge the player, featuring multiple paths for the player to test their skills with blink while taking on enemies

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Keywords: Level Design, Game Design, Sci-Fi