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Jasmine Lau

Fine Art, BA (Hons)


About me

I am a mix media artist based in Liverpool. My main practice includes but isn’t limited to acrylic painting and animations to show my conflict between digital and traditional art forms.

While at UCLan I have be able to develop and learn new technical skills such as, sculpting, painting, using Photoshop, Premier Pro, InDesign and other software like Microsoft and Procreate on the iPad. It has also, improved my confidence and social skills while creating multiple exhibitions.

‘Bright Side’ is an installation piece that shows my conflict between digital and traditional art forms as well as, my mental health.

Although, I see the benefits of technology, with it improving people’s quality of life, especially since Covid 19, it’s also changed how we see and criticise art. I’ve always thought I had to pick between traditional and digital art forms however, I’ve realised I don’t have to choose, and they can coincide in the art world.

Bright Side

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Bright Side: installed

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Bright Side: head on

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Bright Side: Monochrome painting

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Keywords: Fine art, Installation, Monochrome painting, Animation, Colourful, Projection

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