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Illustration, BA (Hons)

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I am an illustrator who mainly uses fineliners, ink and markers to illustrate ornate images with a large amount of conceptual thinking and narrative driven elements within.

A festival rebrand project – using the uniqueness of the festival been set in multiple locations as a starting point to develop a zodiac-based design for multiple deliverables to make the audience feel more immersed.

AOI competition – imagining a collaboration between D&D and Monster Energy to produce a collectible series of cans that individually represent multiple cultures and together display the LGBTQ+ flag to highlight the company’s desire for more inclusivity.

Self-initiated project working with Adidas to promote the idea that the victims of school shootings could be the next global superstars, to incentivize a stop to school shootings.

One of 12 Zodiac designs used to rebrand the Neighbourhood festival.

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A final mockup of a can design illustrating a possible collaboration between D&D and Monster energy to pursue an inclusive audience for both parties.

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One of several sports star stippled illustrations for a self initiated brief aimed to stop school shootings in the USS

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