Katherine Beckett

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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About me

During my time at university, I have begun to build and shape my practice in many ways; becoming more and more comfortable with photography and installation through each exhibition I have taken part in. UCLan has offered me lots of experiences to interact with, exhibitions through course modules, and even more recently in being nominated for the Degree Show Awards.

My practice is grounded in the exploration of memories, nostalgia and regret through examining my relationships with the places and spaces I encounter. I am interested in the way memories and emotions to help build tangible links with our present lives, how childhood homes are more than houses, how we associate familiar journeys with past trips there. I concern myself with how we perceive memory, the haziness of a half remembered staircase, the contrast of lighting. I combine video installation with spoken word, aiming to create windows to another place, moulding and shaping our perception of time.

Keywords: photography, film photography, installation, video installation, projection