Katie Patricia East

Fine Art, BA (Hons)

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About me

Hi, I am Katie. I am an artist, trying to bring to light the challenges of living with a hidden disability and mental health issues through my artwork and streams. Within my art practice, my main focus is around giving everyone equal opportunities to access art I do this in many ways from getting involved in community projects to building an online community where I live stream workshops and mental health talks.

I live stream my artwork and practise weekly on Friday and Sunday evenings from 6pm, which is something is will be carrying on well after the project ends.

This project came about from the frustration of the lack of social connection due to covid. My project always focuses on people which set out challenges, but the whole idea came from the challenge to build a community through painting and the project started. Using resources like live streams on twitch and social media the paintings include people from all over the world sharing art workshops, mental health talks and disability awareness. The project has now grown to be a community where art can be shared, and the audience can become part of the artwork. Please enjoy the video which is viewable via the YouTube link at the top of this page.

Keywords: digtal art, live stream, acessablie, mental health, disablity