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Karolis Tankevicius

Illustration, BA (Hons)

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About me

My 3 years at this University have helped me develop my personal style. However, it’s not really an “art” style. My goal is to solve problems and each problem has a different solution. It’s not whether I can, but whether the project needs it—animation, paper cut-outs, comic art, 2D art etc. My speciality, my style – is adaptation. Projecting the individuality of each problem and its solution is my core workflow principle. I want to help people; I want to help causes I feel passionate about and that needs talking about and my way of doing that is adapting so I don’t shine, but the causes and projects do.

Solving problems in ways that stay true to the core principles and values of the project

Keywords: disabled, branding, social media, instagram, campaign, socialmodel, terminology, art

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