Kelsey Wiggins

Dance Performance & Teaching, BA (Hons)

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About me

Over the course of my time at UCLan, I have developed a wide range of skills, especially in creative dance. I have always been inspired to participate in dance improvisational tasks as my passion is creativity. When facilitating an improvised dance lesson, I always want the participants to have the same creative experience as I did as a dancer.

I have been part of Preston Youth Dance Company during my first year at University, where I had the opportunity to perform at U.Dance alongside other youth dance companies of all different ages and abilities.

Within the next three years I could definitely see myself teaching improvisation and creative dance tasks in schools or any other dance environments, as I personally think is a skill that should be introduced to every young individual dancer as it can increase their confidence in creative movement.

My final independent project focused on how teaching improvisation can improve the creativity within an individual dancer to find their own unique pathways through dance. In it I examined how a class of year 5 pupils could find, express and generate their own creative movements through the use of improvisation. As a third year dance student I have also been a member of UCLan Dance Company and I was involved in the devising of a new dance performance under the guidance and artistic direction of professional choreographer Elisa Macauley. The work can be viewed by clicking on the featured image.

Keywords: Dance, Teaching, Explorative, Creative, Inspired