Laura Donnellan

Master of Fine Art

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About me

My artwork focuses upon critiquing online spaces and how we communicate digitally, specifically looking at how it affects our daily lives and how we choose to capture moments. I explore this using drawing, both traditional and digital, taking photographs and screenshots. The photographs I take document ordinary life and mundane things, which are then drawn and posted which is an attempt to slow down time, creation and the rate of consumption whilst also highlighting the aspect of digital communication that allows us to hide behind a screen and say things we might not otherwise say in person.

I achieved a BA (Hons) Fine Art in 2017 and decided to return to further my studies in 2019-2020 with a Master’s in fine art.

I’m interested in feminism and the use of online social spaces. My work plays with the idea of social media and how it is used in contemporary consumer society. It explores the ways we post a photo and how users scroll and consume without thinking.

Video screenshot, 'Baked some fairy cakes', Digital drawing, 2021.

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‘Lovely afternoon walk’, Digital drawing, 2021

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Screenshot of ‘Sea life centre lobster’, Digital drawing, 2021

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‘Made a plant pot’, Video still of the projection shown in the gallery space, 2021

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‘New boots’, Video still, 2021

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‘Peach Iced Tea’, Digital drawing, 2021

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Keywords: feminism, online spaces, social media, drawing, digital drawing